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What has the Australian Real Estate Agent not caught on to?

by Barry Osborne on Jun 24, 2015

I have written a number of blogs about the changing world of marketing a property and how you can develop new skills in line with many other industries. This was very much re-enforced by an article I read just recently coming out of America. This article (5 Real Estate Landing Page Templates for Your Appraisal) started off by asking one to do the following:

 “Do a Google search for the name of your city (or your suburb) + “real estate.” Click on a few of the sponsored ads. Did you find a landing page?”

It went on to say, “Chances are you didn’t, because most real estate agents have not yet caught on to the fact that they need to be sending their paid traffic to dedicated landing pages.” You do it, now for your locality, and the result will be the same.

Well, it seems that Real Estate Marketing in Australia is not far behind America in not taking up where marketing is definitely going.

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New style Real Estate Agents will hit the target by using Marketing Personas

by Barry Osborne on Jun 10, 2015

With Internet Marketing it is not all about Selling; it is more about helping people with a need. So with Marketing Real Estate, the new style real estate agents of the future will need to ensure a more specific focus in generating their leads.

This is the reason for Marketing Personas. It changes the focus so you are aiming at the right buyer for a property and if you don’t have them already, you go searching specifically for them. All modern day businesses have to ensure that they are efficient and effective and nowhere is this more important than in the marketing section of your business. We cannot afford to use the shotgun approach as discussed in my previous blog.

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Effectiveness of Real Estate Marketing requires you to up the ante

by Barry Osborne on Jun 2, 2015

In many ways, marketers for decades have just got in front of our faces and sold us what they thought we may want. Then came the internet and suddenly the change occurred which allowed the consumers to take control of the information flow of the items in which they were interested. From that moment on, the consumer started to switch off from the standard marketing venues such as:

  • Papers
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Phone
  • Letter Box
  • Bill Boards
  • OR simply just contact me.

These are just not working like they use to? Why? Because now people prefer to go to the internet and get all the good information on the product before they buy. If you want to achieve a better result, then you must have a different attitude to your marketing strategy and be more internet based and be interactive with your clients. Don’t simply continue to talk at them and furthermore don’t forget  Einstein’s definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

So ensuring the Effectiveness of Real Estate Marketing, requires you to up the ante to another level.

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Where are the changes in Real Estate Marketing heading?

by Barry Osborne on May 27, 2015

If you look at where most of the innovation comes from in the market place, you will see that it comes by those entrepreneurs who see trends occurring towards satisfying customer needs. It is not usually, an innovative idea as such, but a change in direction that gives customers what they demand. This demonstrates that customers are at the forefront of the whole change process. Now, how do we use this to our advantage, particularly in Real Estate Marketing? One thing is for certain, the old ways are not working as effectively as they have been. This can be seen by a number of glaring examples, such as:

  •          The number of letter boxes with No Junk Mail.
  •          The number of gates with No Door Knocking.
  •          The number of landlines that are now private.
  •          The number of households without landlines.

So if you are relying on these methods, how much longer do you think they will continue to work? Worse still, the consumer has already changed, the majority already go to the Internet for information.

So what else can you do to generate Leads in Real Estate Marketing?

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The way a Real Estate Agent gains their leads will change greatly

by Barry Osborne on May 20, 2015

Step_up_a_Level_in_Real_Estate_Marketing-resized-600It always seems that way, when things are just working fine with the techniques being used to generate business, something else changes so things don’t work like they used to. For someone like myself, who has done business since the 80’s, the biggest issue was the economic downturns, but there are many other things that changed and at the time made life difficult, such as:

  •          The big shopping centre decides to expand and suddenly traffic flow past your shop dwindles.
  •          Computers start in the office and your personal assistant becomes obsolete and you are expected to do your own typing.
  •          Marketing – Yellow Pages no longer brings the results.
  •          The internet comes about, and now you must have a web site, with no idea of how to use them.
  •          A new building is built in front of your building and takes away those spectacular harbour views that were one of your main points of difference in your office accommodation business.

Change is constant and for the Real Estate Agent they need to adapt to the way of the future.

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For the future Real Estate Agent, no change is not an option

by Barry Osborne on May 7, 2015

It seemed to be that when the digital world came to the Real Estate Industry it was just a simple matter of changing from advertising in the papers to advertising on the portals. If only it was that simple. Remembering back to my favourite analogy of the yellow pages, it was a change from running an advert in that big yellow book to having a website. Yes, we all went out and got our website, but it was not a simple exercise of getting traffic to the website. What a learning phase that was, and worse still, the learning has never stopped.The digital world may have many benefits, but one is definitely not being simple.

For the Real Estate Agent being a good salesperson, is no longer just good enough.

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Why should a real estate agent collect contact details the modern way?

by Barry Osborne on Apr 30, 2015

Nothing in the modern world, seems to stay the same for long. This is particularly true with the advent of the internet. The modern day consumer uses the internet for:

  • Receiving of information
  • Researching of material
  • Checking on items they wish to purchase
  • Checking on companies they may want to deal with
  • Entertaining themselves
  • Socialising
  • The way they do business

It is this last point that is needed to be discussed in some detail. No longer will customers considering a purchase run down to the store or pick up the phone, they are more likely to jump onto the internet whether it be on their PC, tablet or smartphone. So these people are ready to buy, but the various businesses may not be aware.

Such is the case with the Real Estate Agent, they are not aware of a potential buyer unless they phone or email.

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Effective Real Estate Marketing requires good bridge building skills

by Barry Osborne on Apr 21, 2015

The real estate industry often lives in two worlds, which are:

  1.       The Old World of Outbound Marketing

This is the interruptive marketing such as press, radio, TV advertising but also includes door knocking, phone calling and letter box flyers. This is where many an agent operates, but is an area which is very difficult to monitor and so achieving effective real estate marketing is difficult because it is using a shotgun to hit a small target.  

  1.       The New World of Inbound Marketing

This is the modern world of internet marketing which includes websites, portals, blogs, and social media marketing. Everyone understands that this is where it is all heading, but have more difficulty in creating effective real estate marketing campaigns that are solely using these techniques.

The two mediums often need to be interconnected if you require to have the marketing campaigns being monitored for effectiveness.

 The reason we need a bridge built between the two worlds.

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Why is being interactive so important in marketing a property?

by Barry Osborne on Apr 15, 2015

For hundreds of years, the most effective way for businesses to market their products to the masses, was to put the information in front of them so they literally tripped over it as they went about their lives. The reason it is called disruptive or Outbound Marketing. Our eyes are our scanning apparatus, feeding information to our minds with data. Much of it is ignored, but some of it registers because it is meaningful to us because we have a need for that product or service. Our main sources of information were the newspapers, but there were other techniques of getting our attention, such as billboards, flyers, and many other techniques to get our attention.

Then came the internet and the whole process of marketing a property or any product was reversed.

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An Individual Property Website is more than a simple web page

by Barry Osborne on Apr 8, 2015

So often we measure things by a frame of thinking of a previous life. In the real estate world, it is more about advertising and therefore a page on one’s website is no more than a page of information that someone can read about a particular property just like an advertisement in a paper. This is where our thinking goes wrong as we see things in a superficial flat single level medium. There has now been advancements in the digital world that allows us to do things that we could never do in the simple advertising world.





The Individual Property Website is an interactive medium for selling a property that makes it more useful than a simple web page.

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